The MilkMade Mission, since 2009

Our mission at MilkMade is to deliver exceptional ice cream experiences through responsible methods of sourcing, production, and distribution. Plainly put, we like to keep it real and do it right.

We were pioneers of the craft ice cream movement, churning out pints for our Members starting in 2009. But what is "craft"? Back then, we set forth The MilkMade Manifesto to guide responsible business decisions and define the pillars of what constitutes "craft ice cream" for us. Almost ten years later, we continue to strive for excellence in each category.


MilkMade started out of a desire for a better pint. It is our mission to make every pint better than the last – in flavor, taste, mouth-feel, and composition. Members often email, text, or tweet us with, "this is the best thing I’ve ever tasted," or "WOW" upon first taste. When we get that, we know we're doing our job.


Every ingredient that goes into our pints must pass our Responsible Sourcing checklist ensuring that it is responsibly produced. Our dairy farm was voted #1 for milk in New York State. Our produce is from local, sustainable farms (or an overseas cooperative). Mix-ins are hand-crafted by local food artisans whose story becomes a part of our own. And we never add stabilizers or gums into our 'scream, which allows the flavor to really shine. To date, we've teamed up with 100+ local producers from our community. Meet our Local Partners.


MilkMade is known as the flavor innovators – we consistently outdo ourselves each month with two unique, sometimes unconventional, ice cream experiences for our Monthly Membership. Flavors often fall into a monthly theme, are always accompanied by a creative story, and highlight life in our local city.


Every MilkMade pint starts from scratch, with a completely different recipe for every flavor. (Did you know that most ice cream companies outsource their production, or buy a pre-made pre-pasteurized mix?) We manually mix, pasteurize, and churn our ice cream in small batches, a few gallons at a time. Each individual pint is meticulously packed (with love), then labeled by hand.


MilkMade is more than just a pint on a shelf, or a decadent ice cream flavor, or a box delivered to your door. Behind each new flavor is an authentic story – the story of our partners, or how we dreamed up the flavor, and where we found inspiration. We hit the books and research the history of each pint and how it relates to our local community.