Our Brooklyn Tasting Room 

We opened our Brooklyn Tasting Room in the summer of 2015, six years after MilkMade launched as an ice cream of the month delivery service in 2009. Though a scoop shop wasn't in our near-term plans, we serendipitously took over a space on Sackett Street that previously hosted an ice cream store. Neighbors kept knocking on our door looking for ice cream and almost insisted we continue serving them scoops. So our Tasting Room was born.

Our Brooklyn Tasting Room is exactly that – a place for you to taste our 'scream, meet our Chefs and team, and learn more about our small-batch production process. You may even catch us packing pints of freshly churned 'scream through the kitchen window. 

Our menu offers sixteen flavors at all times - a constant lineup of our ten Signature 'Screams, as well as six Signature 'Screams that rotate monthly and are generally built around a theme. We serve cones from Brooklyn-based The Konery in different unique flavors. Don't miss our Tasting Flight! Pints for take-out are also available.

204 Sackett Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Monday closed
Tuesday 1pm-10pm
Wednesday 1pm-10pm
Thursday 1pm-10pm
Friday 1pm-11pm
Saturday 1pm-11pm
Sunday 1pm-10pm

Peep our current menu or go deep on our flavor descriptions